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Intuitive Kinesiology

with Julie Willis

Julie is a Registered Nurse and has been working in the acute tertiary healthcare sector in the UK and New Zealand for over 17 years. Julie is also a Certified Kinesiologist and has adapted her intuitive energy skills to develop a holistic approach towards health and wellbeing.

As a carer and nurturer, Julie's passion is to help people achieve a healthier and happier life by identifying where the body's energy flows are blocked, and then work to release these blockages in a natural and effective way.


What is Intuitive Kinesiology?


Traditional Kinesiology blends both western and eastern approaches to healthcare by utilising muscle testing to identify blocks and imbalances within the body.


Intuitive Kinesiology incorporates this with energy healing techniques that help identify the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pathways necessary to activate the healing process. Julie's focus is on creating harmony and balance within the body, and her gentle approach is designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the session.

Value: $120 (45 minute session). 

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