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Salty Indulgence

Our Salty Indulgence Package is a great option for 1 couple or 2 friends wanting to take a couple of hours out of their hectic life to relax and unwind. 


Indulge yourself with a yummy 60 minute  Relaxation Massage with Hot Stones, then sit back, relax and just breath for a 60 minute therapeutic Halotherapy session.

The Salty Indulgence Package is $160pp and you need to allow 2.5 hours for this experience.

* this experience is 1 person in each room then you swap over.

Energy Balance with Salty Goodness

Who doesn't deserve a little more balance in their life...


Relax in our Halotherapy room as you enjoy an

Energy Balance with Dry Salt Therapy. Our Energy Balance with Salty Goodness Package is designed to be therapeutic, enlightening and relaxing.

The Package cost is $160. *this experience is for 1 person at a time in the relaxing and specialised halotherapy room.

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