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About Us

Salt House is a Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) and Complementary Therapies clinic located in the picturesque alpine village of Methven.


Our clinic provides 100% drug free and non-invasive techniques, that assist the body to restore balance naturally.  We have created a relaxing therapeutic environment for you to unwind and rejuvenate. We specialise in Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy), QEnergy Detox Foot Spa, Emmett Technique, Bowen Technique, Physiokey Therapy and Massage.

We are committed to providing a personalised and caring service to our clients and we utilise Advanced Technology along with Natural Products including a variety of Pure Salts, Organic Coconut Oil and 100% Pure Essential Oils.

The Salt House produces a range of health and wellbeing products which are hand-made to order in our clinic with Aroha. 

the salt house breath easy halotherapy new zealand

Breath Easy with Halotherapy

Halotherapy is quite simply, breathing in a dry salt aerosol for therapeutic benefits, and has been practiced in Europe for over 80 years.

Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy is a natural way to support respiratory and skin health, as well as promote relaxation, revitalisation and general wellbeing.

Meet Our Team

the salt house cherie summers-wight


Remedial & Relaxation


Cherie is a qualified Halotherapy Technician, Bowen & Emmett Therapist, Relaxation Massage Therapist and PhysioKey Practitioner. 


Cherie is an intuitive practitioner and has a deep understanding of how complimentary therapies can support overall health & wellbeing. 

Appointments Available Wednesday to Sunday.


Relaxation & Sports Massage


Jo studied remedial massage therapy in London in 1999 and worked in various multidisciplinary practices until she returned to her hometown of Methven in 2013.


Joanna specialises in Deep Tissue, dry needling and cupping therapy.

Appointments Available Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.

the salt house jo maw massage therapist


Intuitive Kinesiologist 

Julie is a Registered Nurse and has been working in the acute tertiary healthcare sector in the UK and New Zealand for over 17 years. Julie is also a Certified Kinesiologist and has adapted her intuitive energy skills to develop a holistic approach towards health and wellbeing.

Julie's focus is on creating harmony and balance within the body, and her gentle approach is designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the session.


Halotherapy Technician

Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy is

a natural way to support respiratory and skin hygiene, as well as promote relaxation, revitalisation and general wellbeing.

the salt house kimberley halotherapy technician
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